30-day Evaluation


There is only one version of the software, and it serves both as the 30-day evaluation, and the licensed version of the software.  The only difference is that when the software is downloaded from the DameWare website, it will initially be running in Evaluation Mode.  This mode provides a user with 30-days of use to allow for the evaluation of the software in each user's own unique environment.  Regardless of the mode in which it is currently running, it is a fully-functional version of the software.




After 30-days of use, the following dialogs are displayed:




In order to register a local copy of the software, a valid set of registration information must be purchased from the DameWare Sales department.  Next, open the software and select the Help | Activate Software menu option, then enter the registration information exactly as it was generated and sent from the DameWare Sales department.  If it is not entered properly into the software, an Invalid Registration error message, like the one below, will be displayed: