The Agent Dialog page provides status information about each phase of the agent operation. You can use this page to perform precheck and agent-based operations on all computers. This page opens when the Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) is about to dispatch an agent to a remote computer or computers to complete computer migrations, security translation, service account enumeration, and account reference reporting.

The Agent Dialog page has the following sections: Agent Summary, Retry Settings, and Agent Actions.

Agent Summary

In Agent Summary, you can view a list of all computers that are selected for agent-based operations. You can also view information about the state and progress of each phase of the agent-based operation.

When you click View Migration Log, you see the migration log for the current migration task.

When you click Agent Detail, you see additional details about the status of the agent-based operation. For more information about warnings or errors, in the Agent Details dialog box, click View Log.

Retry Settings

In Retry Settings, you can specify the number of times that ADMT retries a precheck or postcheck operation and the interval between those operations. You can modify the default values that ADMT prepopulates in each box before you start an agent action.

The postcheck operation applies only to computer migration. ADMT performs this operation automatically. A postcheck operation verifies that the client computer joined the target domain successfully.

Agent Actions

In Agent Actions, you can specify the following options:

  • Run pre-check

    Select this option to deploy the agent to the remote computer without having ADMT perform subsequent agent-based operations.

  • Run pre-check and agent operation

    Select this option to perform the precheck operation. If the precheck operation succeeds, ADMT continues with agent-based operations, followed by a postcheck operation (if applicable).

    If the precheck fails, ADMT attempts the operation again according to the retry settings that you specify. In Agent Actions, the Start and Stop buttons start and stop the agent-based operations on all computers. You can also stop an individual agent-based operation in the Agent Details dialog box.