Terminal Server View


The DameWare NT Utilities Terminal Server option from the Network Browser expands with two selections. The Terminal Server View provides complete functionality to manage the administration of Windows Terminal Server users, sessions, processes and other information including Terminal Server Shutdown. The selection of the Terminal Server Client option will launch a user session to the Windows Terminal Server selected in the Network Browser window. Note: The Terminal Server Client must be installed on the local machine prior to launch of a user session. When executed, DNTU will attempt to run the client installation program if the client has not been previously installed.

The Terminal Server View displays two panes. The left pane displays a list of servers and sessions. The right pane contains several buttons that you can use to display information about the users, sessions and processes listed in the left pane.

The Windows Terminal Server, when selected, displays four option buttons for displaying Users, Sessions, Processes and Information about the current running Windows Terminal Server. The users option will display the User, Sessions, ID, State, Logon Time and Last Logoff columns. The Sessions option will display the Session, User, ID, State, Client Name, Logon Time and Last Logoff columns. The Processes option will display the User, Session, ID, PID and Image columns. The Information option will display the server Build, Installation Date, Service Pack level, Hotfix, Installed By, Installed On, Description and Comments information.

The disconnected/connected and console sessions present, in the right pane of the Terminal Server View, two option buttons for displaying Processes and Information about the selected session. When selected, the Processes option will display columns for Image, ID and PID. The Information option, when selected, will display User Name, Client Name, Client Build Number, Client Directory, Client Product ID, Client Hardware ID, Client Address, Client Color Depth and Client Resolution.

The following options are available from the mini-toolbar located at the bottom of the Terminal Server view.

Send Message  Sends a message to another user. Messages can only be sent to users whose sessions are currently active.

Terminate Process Terminates the selected processes. Select the processes you want to terminate from the Processes tabs in the session, server or domain view of the window.

Logoff Logs off a user from an active session on Terminal Server. Be aware that logging off a user from Terminal Server without warning can result in loss of data at the client. You cannot log off a user from the console.

Disconnect Disconnect the selected session.

Shutdown Terminal Server Shutdown provides two shutdown options - Logoff and Fast Reboot. The Logoff option logs off all current connections and the Fast Reboot option will reboot the server.

Refresh Refresh the current view.