System Tools View


The DameWare NT Utilities System Tools option from the Network Browser expands to a maximum of sixteen user-defined tools. Any modifications made to the system tools from the properties will be dynamically reflected from the System Tools option in the Network Browser. These system tools options are those from the client machine running DameWare NT Utilities and are therefore the same for any machines selected. The System Tools in DameWare NT Utilities supports the following macros: %Machine%, %Domain% and %IP% (IP address).


The items in DNTU’s System Tools menu are merely samples to let you know you can run third party applications from within DNTU's interface. These third party applications have nothing to do with DNTU and they are not part of the DNTU program (For Example: calc.exe, notepad.exe, paint.exe, etc.). You can customize what appears on your System Tools menu and the System Tools view and even the parameters that are passed. Simply click on the EyeGlasses Icon in the toolbar and then select the System Tools tab.


For example, let say you wanted to run the standard Calculator, but you did not want to do it via the O/S menus. You could add an entry in DNTU's System Tools tab to run calc.exe. However, just because you add it to the System Tools menu, does not imply that you can run it against the selected remote machine. If calc.exe does not accept %machine% as a parameter, then it will just "give you info on your own PC". This is a function of the EXE itself, not DNTU.