System Tools Tab




An additional feature of DameWare NT Utilities is a centralized interface to launch many of the common NT utilities that are used by administrators. This tab presents the Menu Contents dialog from which you can choose from the following options.

Each menu option can be configured with command line parameters, arguments and the initial directory to begin execution. In addition to any of the pre-defined Windows macros, two additional macros are available - %Machine%, %Domain% and %IP%. You can also specify line separators by creating a new menu option and entering "Separator." Control key macros can also be used to specify keystroke sequence - e.g. &Performance Monitor, for Performance Monitor.


Also, keep in mind that DNTU's System Tools menu are merely samples (templates) to let you know you can run third party applications from within DNTU's interface. These third party applications have nothing to do with DNTU and they are not part of the DNTU program (For Example: calc.exe, notepad.exe, paint.exe, etc.).


For example, let say you wanted to run the standard Calculator, but you did not want to do it via the O/S menus. You could add an entry in DNTU's System Tools tab to run calc.exe. However, just because you add it to the System Tools menu, does not imply that you can run it (remotely) against the selected remote machine. If calc.exe does not accept %machine% as a parameter, then it will just "give you info on your own PC". This is a function of the EXE itself, not DNTU.