Sessions View



Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows7 sessions are defined as a link between two network devices such as a client and a server. A session between a client and server consists of one or more connections from the client to the server.

DameWare NT Utilities provides a Session View that will allow you to view the properties of the highlighted session in the view. The session properties include Resource, number of Opens and Session connected time. The session window view will also allow for the highlighted session to be deleted.

Each of the following data columns can be sorted and moved to suit your viewing needs.

 Client  Shows the client(s) currently connected to the selected machine.

 User Name Represents the name of the client user that is connected to the selected machine.

 Time  The session connect time in HH:MM:SS.

 Idle Time  The idle time returned for the current session connection in HH:MM:SS.

 Opens  The current number of opens that a session connection has.

 Guest  Is the connected user a Guest on the selected machine?

Transport  The device used to make the connection to the selected machine. A typical connection might be using the Network Interface Card device running NetBIOS over TCP/IP and would look something like this: \Device\NetBT_E190x1.

Type The session connect machine Operating System.