Search View


The Search View will allow a search for a User account to be performed on Domains, Servers and Workstations. The search criteria can be filtered by What to Search (Users, Global Groups, Local Groups, Shares), Where to Search (Add and Remove functionality for Domains, Servers and Workstations), and what machine types (PDC-Primary Domain Controller, BDC-Backup Domain Controller, Server, Workstation) to include in the search. Once a machine or domain has been added to the Where to Search list, DameWare NT Utilities will save the list for easy access from a later session. Once the Search is completed, a report will be generated to the lower portion of the window, which can be copied to your favorite word processor, spreadsheet or file for reporting needs. A summary section is generated at the top of the report that displays the results of the search.


The following criteria are available from the Search view.

What To Search:

 User accounts

 Global Groups

 Local Groups



Where to Search:

 Servers and Workstations