Remote Control View


The DameWare NT Utilities Remote Control View launches the DameWare Mini Remote Control program (as a separate application passing command line parameters) for the current machine. If a Saved Host Entry exists for this machine, then that Saved Host Entry will automatically be selected and those settings will be used for the MRC connection. If a Saved Host Entry does not exist for this specific machine, then a new (Temporary) entry will be created using the settings from the Default Host Properties dialog (View / Default Host Properties).

Also, if you have the "Attempt to Connect" setting enabled on the Remote Control Tab in DNTU’s Properties dialog, then the MRC program will automatically attempt to connect to this Host when it’s launched. If you do not have the "Attempt to Connect" setting enabled, then the MRC program will only be launched, and the given Host Entry automatically selected. You must then press the Connect button in MRC to initiate your Remote Control session for this machine.

For additional information DNTU’s Remote Control view, please reference the help filed contained within the Mini Remote Control program.