Remote Control Tab




Attempt to Connect

When a Remote Control session is initiated from within DNTU, DNTU will launch the Mini Remote Control program and automatically pass in the HostName or IP-Address of this machine as a parameter. If "Attempt to connect" is also enabled, then the Mini Remote Control program will automatically attempt to connect to this remote machine, instead of just displaying the Remote Connect dialog box (requires you to press Enter to connect).


Connect only if found in Host List

Only connect if a Saved Host Entry already exists for this specific machine within the Mini Remote Control program. If no Saved Host Entry is found, then the Remote Connect dialog will simply be opened with the (Temporary) entry that was created for this Host.


Reuse any MRC window that is not busy

Instead of opening another a new instance of the Mini Remote Control program each time it’s launched from DNTU, this setting will attempt to use any existing window (not current at a prompt, dialog, etc…) first. If an existing window cannot be used, and new instance will be opened.


RDP Settings

Allows you to configure default RDP settings to use if an RDP connection (instead of an MRC connection) is initiated to the remote machine.