Printers View


The Printers View presents you with a custom view that contains a list of all printers on the selected machine. You may selectively display printers within this view by selecting from the available mini-toolbar icons - View All Printers, View Workstation Printers, View Server Printers and View Shared Printers. The Printers window view will display the Printer Count, Status, Printer UNC name, Share name, Location, Comments, Port name, Driver name, Separator File, Print Processor, Parameters and Print Jobs. These are all selectable for column sorting and column ordering.

When a printer is selected, you may open the Open Printer Queue window from which printer queue documents may be paused, resumed, restarted or cancelled. When the selected printer's property sheet is displayed by executing the Printer Properties, management of the printer's sharing, port schedule and other properties are available.