Job Scheduler


The DameWare NT Utilities Job Schedule View interface provides an easy to use environment for total management of the Job Scheduler (or AT Scheduler) functionality available in Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows7. Schedules can be initiated from one client machine via Batch Processing to any machine available in the Network Browser. The Schedule view displays the schedule queue in the upper portion of the view and displays the machines included in the Batch Processing in the lower portion of the view. This lower portion of the Schedule view works like a queue manager of the target machine’s schedules. Machines can be added to the Batch Processing using drag and drop from the Network Browser. The machines added to the Batch Processing are saved so that each time you load the Schedule view the machines will be listed. You can copy and paste existing schedules seamlessly between machines and abort Batch Processing schedules any time during the process and any schedules not yet executed will be cancelled. The remote time and local time are displayed during an Add schedule for convenient scheduling of jobs. DameWare NT Utilities makes use of many different icons to help provide visual feedback to the user as to the status of schedules on both local and remote machines.

The upper portion of the Schedule view will show the Task ID, Week Day(s), Month Day(s), Time, Command, Interactive and Error fields. Each of the columns contained in the upper portion and the columns contained in the lower portion of the Schedule view supports column sorting and column ordering. The lower portion of the Schedule view lists the Machine name, Action, Status, Machine Type and Error columns. The Error column will show the error code and error description when an error condition has occurred.


The following status codes and descriptions are available within the lower pane of the Schedule view.


None No Batch schedules have been performed.

Complete Okay status

Error  The Batch schedule failed. Refer to the Error field displayed in the lower portion of the Schedule view window.

Pending The Batch schedule is in the queue to be scheduled on this machine.