Install Service Wizard


DameWare NT Utilities contains a custom wizard for remote services installation from NT/2000/2003/2008 Servers and NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7 Workstations. The service executable file can be located on the local machine or on the remote machine. DameWare NT Utilities dynamically creates drive mappings for all drives on the remote machine so the service executable can be installed from the remote machine disk(s). (Note: If the administrator is not authenticated to the remote machine, then he/she will be prompted for credentials prior to the dynamic drive mappings.) If the service executable is resident on the local drive, you can specify to copy to the system32 directory on the remote machine. DameWare NT Utilities will allow remote installation for device driver, file system driver and services in its’ own process services. The service security credentials and startup options can also be specified.

The Remote Services Installation Wizard presents the following windows with Back, Next and Cancel buttons for easy navigation between Wizard dialog windows.


Service Names (1 of 6) This dialog enables the user to enter the Machine Name, Service Name and Service Display Name. You should prefix the machine name with back-slashes (e.g. \\Enterprise or \\ for an IP Address). The Service Name cannot contain forward or backward slash characters. The Service Display Name is the text that will appear in the Services window view.

Note: The Machine Name is only enabled if the Service Installation Wizard was selected from the Tolls menu option.


Service Executable (2 of 6) The executable for the service to be installed must be specified. DameWare NT Utilities provides a Browse button, which will allow the user to specify a Service Executable that either resides on the local machine or a Service Executable that resides on the remote machine itself. When the Browse button is selected, the user can select from any local drives or from any drives on the remote machine.

Note: DameWare NT Utilities will dynamically map all of the disk drives on the remote machine.


Service Type (3 of 6) DameWare NT Utilities supports three different Service Types. The Service Type is required and can only be one of the following:


Service Logon (4 of 6)  Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows7 services must run under the security credentials of either a System Account or a user specified account. DameWare NT Utilities provides User account Browse functionality. The administrator can select a specific account, from the accounts on the domain or machine to be used, for which to install and run the service.


Service Startup Option (5 of 6)

One of the following five different choices must be specified for the Service Startup.


DameWare NT Utilities also provides an option to Start the Service After Installation. Note: The Boot and System options are used for device and file system drivers only.


Finish (6 of 6) This last wizard screen displays a small report of the properties specified for the installation of this service. Selecting the Finish button at this point will begin the remote service installation.