General Tab




The General Properties Tab allows you to Show the Date and Time in the bottom of the main program frame, select Large Tool Bar icons (default is small toolbar icons) and Save the Main Window Position. The Reset All button will restore all application property settings to the default value(s).

Logon Options are available to:


The Multiple Document Interface View windows offer the following options:


Two additional features DameWare NT Utilities provides are dynamic column position movement and column sorting.


The use of XP Styes will allows us to change the "look & feel" of the dialogs within the NT Utilities interface, to more of a Windows XP Look and Feel.

Limit to one instance means that you can only have one instance of the NT Utilities program open at any one time. Without this setting enabled, you can open as many windows as you like, the only limit to the number of instances would be the amount of free resources on your local machine.

The Tabbed MDI fram is a feature new to version 5.0 and above. A "Tabbed" MDI frame means each time you open a view, you get another Tab in the MDI pane (see below). There will also be arrows for scrolling through the tabbed views (similar to an Excel spreadsheet with multiple worksheets -Sheet1 / Sheet2 / Sheet3 ), but they will only be enabled when you open more tabs than can be listed in a single line simultaneously