image\DNTU-icons-FavoriteMachines_shg.jpgFavorite Machines Overview


DameWare NT Utilities incorporates a special feature that will allow you to add, edit and delete machines that are not automatically included in Microsoft’s Windows Network Browser list. Machines added to the Favorite Machines list can be entered by machine name or IP-Address (provided Names Resolution is properly setup in your environment).

DameWare NT Utilities will also allow a range of IP Addresses to be added in the Favorite Machines list. This could be, for example, machines that are accessed via dial up connections, hidden machines or different physically connected networks. If the administrator has the appropriate security privileges to the machine(s) listed in the Favorite Machines explorer view, he/she will be able to run many of the integrated NT utilities and NT custom tools available from within DameWare NT Utilities against these machine(s). All Favorite Machines in the list may be deleted by selecting the Delete All Machines option from the right-click menu or individually by selecting the machine and pressing the Delete button.

Whenever DameWare NT Utilities is first loaded, you will notice that the icons listed in the Network Browser view provide a graphical representation of the type of each machine.