Event Log Tab




Monitor Log (Local Machine Only)

The Monitor Log option provides for a dynamic update of the selected event log as the event messages are generated on the selected local machine. Note: The Monitor Log functionality is available for local machines only. The Maximum Entries to Read allows you to specify the maximum number of Event Log entries that will be read. This is especially advantageous in low bandwidth connection environments where the administrator may only be interested in the last few entries in the Event Log list. By setting a limit at this point, the administrator would not have to wait for all events to be read and displayed in the Event Log window view.

Use local Event Log library to improve speed

When enabled, this causes only the Event ID from the remote machines Log File to be sent over the connection instead of all the text associated with it as well. If you disable this feature, the Event ID as well as all the text for each Event Log entry will be send back to your local machine, but this could however decrease performance as well.