image\DNTU-icons-Disk_shg.jpgDisk Drives View


DameWare NT Utilities Disk Drives View provides an easy interface to enumerate the disk drives on a machine. Once enumerated, the selected drive can have a Windows Explorer view opened without having to previously map a drive by using the mouse’s right-click menu option. The authentication credentials used to access the Disk Drives View initially are maintained when the Explorer view is requested. The Disk Drives View will display the number of disk drives on the selected machine, disk drive format, total bytes, free bytes, bytes used, percent free and percent used, all of which are selectable for column sorting and column ordering.


The following icons distinguish the disk drive type(s):

image\DNTU-icons-DiskDrive-Diskette_shg.jpg  Diskette or removable drives

image\DNTU-icons-DiskDrive-HD_shg.jpg  Hard disk drives

image\DNTU-icons-DiskDrive-CD_shg.jpg  CD-ROM

image\DNTU-icons-DiskDrive-Unknown_shg.jpg  Other drives - Unknown type