E-mail templates

Asset Lifecycle Manager uses e-mail to make assignments, request approvals, and notify designated participants as a workflow progresses. You can create and then apply customized e-mail templates to specific actions so every occurrence of that action will cause Asset Lifecycle Manager to send a pre-formatted e-mail to the designated recipients.

E-mail templates can also include controls for participants to approve or deny a change request directly from the e-mail. To enable this, you apply an e-mail template to an action and then select the Send e-mail using HTML option.

To create an e-mail template
  1. From the Process tab's E-mail templates pane, right-click where you want to add the new template and click New e-mail template.
  2. Enter a name for the template.
  3. Double-click the template you created.
  4. Select the Send e-mail using HTML option to enable approval controls to be provided in e-mails.
  5. Enter the display name for the sender of the e-mail.
  6. Enter a subject or title for the message.
  7. Enter the text or body of the e-mail. You can also right-click to insert a field mapping.
  8. If a report is run as multiple users (as defined in the Run report as option under the Send report action), the recipient will receive a report from each user. To differentiate the users, you use the {ImpersonatedUser} tag in the Message body of the e-mail template. When the recipient receives the e-mails, he/she will know who the report was run as.

  1. Click the Save toolbar icon.