Editing forms

Both assets and forms use the form definition workspace. The form definition workspace is where you define your form. When you create a new form, supporting resource, or data list, you will see predefined form controls. You can't delete these system controls. You can move predefined controls around and you can hide ones you don't want users to see by clearing the Visible property. You can also move predefined controls to other form tabs. Assets have a much longer list of system controls than forms or supporting resources.

Adding, resizing, and deleting form controls

The form definition workspace makes it easy for you to lay out forms. Add controls to forms by dragging them from the Controls toolbox and dropping them on the form. When you drag a control to the workspace, gridlines appear that help you align the new control with other controls on the form. The control you're adding snaps to gridlines that align with other existing form elements, helping you keep the form tidy.

Once you've dropped a control on the workspace, you can click on it and drag to move it around. Resize controls by clicking on them and then clicking and dragging one of the resize markers surrounding the control. When you resize a control, the same gridlines you saw when you dropped the control reappear and help you maintain the form layout.

Delete form controls that you've added by clicking on them and clicking the Delete key on your keyboard.

NOTE: The Design console may not display form labels with extended characters correctly. These characters will appear correctly in the Web console.

Editing control properties

Each control you add to a form has a set of properties. When you click a form control, the toolbox switches to the Properties tab for that control. A red exclamation mark appears beside mandatory properties that you must set. At a minimum you must provide a Display name. The display name isn't visible on the form, but is seen on the summary view and when creating a view for the form. It's also a name that Asset Lifecycle Manager uses internally to reference that control. For more information on the toolbox, see Asset form controls.

Deleting form controls

You can only delete a form control if that control doesn't have a relationship with another object.