Setting asset form permissions

You can set permissions for users or groups for an asset form in order to control the access users have to read, modify, or manage instances of that form. By default, the creator of the asset form has all permissions. Other users must be granted permissions by the owner in order for the asset form to appear in their Web console's Asset tab.

These permissions can be granted
To set permissions for asset forms
  1. In the navigation pane's Process tab, open the Assets panel and double-click the asset you want to assign permissions to.
  2. Click the Properties toolbar button .
  3. Click the Security tab.
  4. If the group, user, or role isn't in the list, click Add. (If it is in the list, skip to step 10.)
  5. In the Contact type drop-down list, select User, Group, or Role.
  6. In the Contact location drop-down list, select the ALM location where the user or group resides. This list shows locations from the Settings dialog's Users/Groups tab.
  7. In the Search filter text box, type the name of the user or group. You can use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard to search for similar names.
  8. Click Search.
  9. In the Available contacts list, click the contact you want and click OK.
  10. In the Group, user, or role names list, click the item you want to set permissions for.
  11. In the Permissions list, check or clear the boxes to set the desired permissions.
  12. Repeat steps 4-12 for any other users or groups.
  13. Click OK to save the permissions.