Configuring roles

Use Roles in the Settings utility (Tools > Settings) to manage what Web console and Design console features users have access to. By creating roles and placing users/groups in those roles, you can more easily collectively manage user rights.

You can also use security settings to control what rights users have to individual forms, workflows, views, and so on. This is done through the Security tab on the Properties dialog for these items.

Roles define which users have access to:

If a Web console user doesn't have rights to the Asset or Role tabs, those tabs won't be visible. All users have access to the Home tab.

Roles have been assigned to all objects in the asset content pack. The Process Manager role has access to all workflows in the asset content pack. When you create workflows, make sure that the role managing workflows has been added to the workflow.

Asset Lifecycle Manager ships with the following preconfigured roles:

When you add a role in the Settings utility, you specify the following:

To add a Web console role
  1. Click Tools > Settings.
  2. Click the Roles tab.
  3. Click the Create button to create a new role.
  4. Enter the role Name and Description.
  5. Select the rights you want.
  6. Click the Add button to add members.You can use an asterisk(*) for wildcard searches.
  7. Click Save when you're done.

You can also edit or delete existing roles. Role changes in the Settings utility take effect the next time users log in to the Web console.

NOTE: The user that installs the Asset Lifecycle Manager server has all rights by default. If you want to remove the installing user's rights, make sure another user has all rights before you remove rights from the installing user. If you don't do this, you won't have an account with enough privileges to grant new rights.


In ALM, each role is assigned certain rights. Rights provide access to specific tools and Web console tabs. Users must have the necessary right (or rights) to perform corresponding tasks. For example, in order to check the status of a workflow, a user must have the Access Process tab in Web right.

When a right is not assigned to a user, tools associated with that right are not visible to that user. For example, if a user is not given the Access Asset tab in Web console right, the user won't see the Asset tab when the Web console is opened.

Available rights include: