Configuring general settings

Use the Settings utility's General tab to configure:

Outgoing e-mail server

You need to enter SMTP e-mail server information and provide an e-mail address for messages sent by Asset Lifecycle Manager (for example, Your SMTP e-mail server should not be confused with your exchange server.

To specify your SMTP e-mail server
  1. Click Tools > Settings and click the General tab.
  2. Enter your outgoing SMTP e-mail server information.
  3. Insert an e-mail address for the system, then click OK. The e-mail address you provide won't be verified as a valid address, but will be displayed as the Sender for all workflow-generated e-mails.
  4. Click OK.

When approvers open Asset Lifecycle Manager-generated approval requests to approve or deny a request, they can also require conditions for approval. While this allows approvers more flexibility, it can also result in ambiguous or delayed completion of workflow processes. You can disable conditional approvals by checking the box next to Hide approve with conditions option.

Similarly, when task recipients return to a workflow-generated task assignment to mark a task as "completed" or "unable to complete", they are also prompted to indicate how long the task took to complete and to add any personal comments. If you do not want task recipients to receive this prompt, you can hide it by clearing the box next to Require comments and time to complete manual task.

Since many SMTP e-mail servers require authentication, you may need to set up anonymous security for outgoing e-mail from the server (localhost). You can set up a local relay and configure the security so it only allows e-mails from the localhost.