LANDesk® Asset Lifecycle Manager

LANDesk® Asset Lifecycle Manager, or ALM, is a leading product from LANDesk that helps you understand, organize, track, manage, and continuously improve your asset management system. It gives you access to a structured asset repository with a customizable standards catalog, and a powerful state transition engine tied to an intelligent workflow automation system. The combination of these components gives you the right tools to effectively manage assets, give you greater negotiating power with vendors and contracts, promote regulatory compliance, and easily generate detailed reports that give you dependable access to the information you need to do your job.

LANDesk Asset Lifecycle Manager is designed to meet the business needs of your organization by giving you the tools to manage and track your IT assets from the time they're ordered, throughout their lifecycle to retirement and disposal and beyond. It helps you to enforce standards by automating business processes and required approvals. It enables you to generate auditing histories that track relevant activity and to enforce requirements for asset state changes. It facilitates greater accountability and communication and ensures that your asset repository is continuously and automatically updated. The result is a system that gives you both the control and the information you need to manage your organization's assets more efficiently than ever.

Asset management priorities

ALM is created with the proactive IT Asset Manager in mind. Its features, database functions, reporting, process automation, and auditing tools are designed to empower you to meet your most important asset-related business objectives. These tools help you to: