Additional resources

A number of other resources are available for support beyond what is available in this documentation.

LANDesk Professional Services

For expert assistance in setting up and deploying LANDesk Asset Lifecycle Manger, or to help you maximize your technology investments, LANDesk Professional Services offers a wide spectrum of services that leverage the experience, talents, and expertise of the people who develop LANDesk solutions. For information, talk to a LANDesk sales representative in your region:

LANDesk Technical Community site

The LANDesk Technical Community website,, includes an extensive knowledge base and active user forums to provide support and assistance. On this site, you will find numerous resources including asset synchronization packages that are pre-configured and ready to use, as well as sample workflows and e-mail templates.

Also available are white papers and instructional documents describing how to perform specific tasks and troubleshoot problems in LANDesk Asset Lifecycle Manager. It also includes special announcements and bulletins, links to related blogs, and other helpful documents.

Updates to this documentation

From time to time, this documentation may be updated to include new information, additions, or changes. The most up-to-date product documentation can be downloaded at any time from the LANDesk website, on the documentation web page at Documentation updates include a Readme file, which gives instructions for where to copy the updated files so they will be accessed by the Help system. This same link can be used to download or update localized documentation in a variety of languages.


The International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (IAITAM) is one of the world's leading authorities for IT asset management information and resources. IAITAM is the professional association for individuals and organizations involved in any aspect of IT Asset Management (“ITAM”), software asset management, hardware asset management, and the lifecycle processes for IT Asset Management in organizations of every size and industry across the globe.

IAITAM has compiled a best practices library, provides asset management training and certifications, and publishes a monthly magazine that provides new information in the field of IT asset management. Many providers of services and tools are included as members of the organization, and in turn add their knowledge and experience into the centralized information source that is IAITAM.

For more information, visit the IAITAM website, at