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Configuring a team of adapters

  1. From the Ethernet Devices tab, select a team to view or modify a team's configuration. Click the adapter or team to select or deselect it. When an adapter or team is selected, it is highlighted.
  2. Click Properties.

    Please note that when an adapter property is "promoted" to a team property it no longer shows in the Ethernet Property window on the Advanced Settings tab for the individual adapter.

  3. From the Team Type Selection list, select the type of team. For information on the team types, see "Teaming Controls Tab."
  4. From the Transmit Load Balancing Method list, select a transmit load balancing method. For information on transmit load balancing method types, see "Teaming Controls Tab."
  5. If the team type is Transmit Load Balancing with Fault Tolerance and Preference Order or Network Fault Tolerance Only (NFT) with Preference Order, click the User Preference Order up and down arrows to set the priority order of the adapters.
  6. Click OK. The Team Properties window closes and settings are saved.