Secure Configuration - SSIS Server Connection

You can modify the SQL Server settings of the SSIS database that is initially configured in the Install wizard.

The production database uses the SSIS platform for reporting purposes. The information that is provided on this panel is used to connect to the msdb database and to deploy the SSIS packages. The SQL Agent must be enabled and active on the selected database.

Table: SSIS server options



SQL Server

The computer name that hosts the SQL Server.

Instance name

The SQL Server instance name if the SQL Server database is not the default instance.

Port number

The port number for the selected SQL Server instance.

If the port number is enabled, the default SQL Server instance listens on TCP port 1433.


You check this option if you want SQL Server to use SSL to encrypt network transmissions independent of the network protocol.

Use Windows NT Integrated Security

You select this option if you connect to the SQL Server instance with Windows authentication.

Use an SQL user name and password

You select this option if you connect to the SQL Server instance with SQL Server authentication.

You must specify the authentication details of the user in the respective text boxes.

You cannot specify the following special characters for the User name and the Password fields:

  • Semi colon (;)

  • Double quotes (")

  • Curly bracket ({)

  • Single quotes (')

  • Hyphen (-)

  • Forward slash (/)