Submit Policy For Review

The Submit Policy For Review dialog box lets you choose which draft policies to submit to reviewers for comments. Only reviewed and approved policies can be published. You can choose to submit one or more policies at a time.

The dialog box contains a table of all policies that have not yet been submitted for review. Only the policies that have one or more reviewers and one or more approvers assigned can be submitted for review.

You can enter text in the Search field, then click the magnifying glass icon to search for a policy. You can click the eraser icon to clear the search field. Only the text that appears in the table can be found.

You can click any column heading in the table to sort on that column. An arrow icon appears in the column heading being used to sort. The direction of the arrow indicates the direction of the sort. When the arrow points up, the sort order is a-z. When the arrow points down, the sort order is z-a. You can click the column head again to reverse the sort order. You can click a column heading and drag to rearrange the columns. You can click the checkbox in the leftmost column to select all reviewable policies.

If you click Submit, all checked policies are submitted for review.