Renewing certificates

If a particular certificate is about to expire, the administrator can renew the certificate. A renewal extends the date of the certificate. You must know the location and password for the current version to renew the certificate. You cannot change the password for the certificate.

The default value for the renewal is 50 years. When certificate is renewed, its new expiration date must be less then Jan. 1, 2038.

You are not prompted for a root certificate password if the following events have occurred:

Every field in the Renew Certificate dialog box is required.

To renew a certificate

  1. Click Start > All Programs > Symantec Control Compliance, and select Certificate Management Console

  2. In the Certificate Management console, provide the Root Certificate Password.

    The Root Certificate password is created during installation.

  3. Click OK.

  4. In the Certificate Management console, select the certificate.

  5. Click Renew Certificates.

  6. In the Renew Certificate dialog box, provide the Current certificate location..

    You can browse to select the location.

  7. In the Password, type the password for the certificate.

  8. In the Destination folder, provide the folder location.

    You can browse to select the location.

  9. In the Expires In, select the number of years.

  10. Click Renew Certificate.

  11. In the Success message box, click OK.

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