About jobs

A job is a specified set of operations. These operations are performed sequentially by various components of Control Compliance Suite. A job is also called a query with a scope. For example, a query with a scope in the form of assets in a particular domain is called a job. A job is uniquely defined.

When you execute a job, the particular instance of a job is called a job run. The job run is displayed when you expand a job in the table pane.

You can perform the following operations on jobs:

The stated operations can be performed by selecting the job and using the right-click option. The menu options available at the right-click option are specific to the job type. You can select multiple jobs by using check boxes.

The stated options are also available on the taskbar and the menu bar under the Tasks menu. The tasks are enabled when the check box is checked.

You can even set up a job count. When you set up the job count, you can choose the number of jobs to be displayed in the Job view. These changes are made through the Settings > General Settings. Similarly, you can even set up a job run count.

To expand all the rows of jobs, press Ctrl + Right Arrow.

To collapse all the rows of jobs, press Ctrl + Left Arrow.

Control Compliance Suite does not support the following special characters in the job name:

* ( ) \ / , + " > < ; = #

See About using special characters in folder and job names.

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