Adjusted base score calculation

The Adjusted base score is calculated for an asset and a check pair. This score is calculated using the attributes of the asset and the check.

The following formula is used to calculate the adjusted base score:

Adjusted base score = round_to_1_decimal (((0.6*Adjusted Impact) + (0.4*Exploitability) - 1.5) * f (Adjusted Impact))

The Adjusted Impact, Exploitability, and the f(Adjusted Impact) values in the Adjusted base score formula are calculated as follows:

Adjusted Impact = min(10,10.41 * (1- (1- Confidentiality Impact * Confidentiality Required) * (1-Integrity Impact * Integrity Required) * (1- Availability Impact * Availability Required)))

Exploitability = 20 * Access Vector * Access Complexity * Authentication

f(Adjusted impact) = 0 if Adjusted Impact = 0, f(impact) = 1.176 if Impact is not equal to 0.

The Adjusted base score values range from 0.0-10.0

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