Specifying the content for a new CCS ESM check

You can specify the check content when you create an ESM check by using the Specify Check Content panel.

To specify the content for a new CCS ESM check

  1. In the Standards pane, right-click the section to which you want to add the new check and click Create Check.

  2. In the Specify Name and Target panel of the Check Builder, provide the necessary information and then click Advanced Check Builder.

  3. Click Next.

  4. In the Create Expressions panel, enter the necessary information to create an error expression and then click Next.

    See Creating an ESM error expression for a new ESM check.

  5. In the Specify Check Content panel, enter the information on the content of the check. This information is optional.

    Risk Rating

    Lets you enter the check attributes. These values are used to calculate the Risk Score.


    Lets you enter the remediation for the issue.


    Lets you enter more information on the issue.


    Lets you enter the ID for common vulnerabilities and exposures.


    Lets you enter the URL for a Web site for more information.

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