Creating a CCS ESM check by using the Advanced Check Builder option

You can create CCS ESM checks by using the Advanced Check Builder option. Perform the steps that are mentioned in the following section to create ESM checks with the help of the Advanced Check Builder.

To create a CCS ESM check by using the Advanced Check Builder option

  1. In the Standards pane, right-click the section to which you want to add the new check and click Create Check.

  2. In the Specify Name and Target Type panel of the Check Builder, enter the following information:

    • In the name text box, type a name for the new check.

    • In the Description text box, type a description for the check. This field is optional.

    • From the Target Type drop-down list, expand the Enterprise Security Manager Platform node, and then click the type of asset that you want to be evaluated.

      See About ESM data collector target types.

    • Click Advanced Check Builder.

  3. In the Create a Precondition panel, add pre-filters to limit the targets that the check considers during evaluation. The information that you provide in the Create a Precondition panel are optional.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Add a message expression for each message that the corresponding CCS ESM check can generate.

    See Creating a message expression for a new CCS ESM check.

    See the Symantec_Enterprise_Security_Manager_Checks_Reference.chm for information on the messages that ESM checks generate. This file is located in the Documentation folder in the product disc.

  6. Add data filters for ESM module name and ESM policy name.

    See Adding the policy name and the module name data filters for a new CCS ESM check.

  7. Add an error expression to the check that you want to create. The error expression checks if an ESM agent reports any error message.

    See Creating an ESM error expression for a new ESM check.

  8. Update the CCS Check formula so that the CCS check behaves as per the check execution rules.

    See Creating an ESM check .

    See Editing the check formula for a new CCS ESM check.

  9. Click Next.

  10. Specify the information about the CCS ESM check content.

    See Specifying the content for a new CCS ESM check.

  11. In the Review panel, view the information that you have entered and then click Finish.

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