Editing the check formula for a new CCS ESM check

After you create the message expression and the error expression, you must edit the check formula to ensure that the check that you create behaves as per the specifications.

To edit the check formula for a new CCS ESM check

  1. In the Standards pane, right-click the section to which you want to add the new check and click Create Check.

  2. In the Specify Name and Target panel of the Check Builder, provide the necessary information and then click one of the following options:

    • Quick Check Builder

    • Advanced Check Builder

  3. Click Next.

  4. In the Create Expressions panel, enter the necessary information to create an error expression.

    See Creating an ESM error expression for a new ESM check.

  5. In the Formula box, edit the predicate as follows:

    Type If [(message expression)] THEN ( IF ([error expression] ) THEN (True) ELSE (Unknown) ) ELSE ([False])

    Following is the explanation for the message expression and error expression:

    Message expression

    Name of the message expressions that you have created, which corresponds to the messages that an ESM check generates.

    If the check generates multiple messages, you must specify the message expressions by using the logical AND operator. For example, E1 AND E2.

    Error expression

    Name of the error expression.