Importing a standard

You can import a standard that is compliant with the Control Compliance Suite. You can import the standard to any folder except the predefined container.


When a standard is imported, the version of the standard is taken into consideration. Hence changing the name of the standard in the XML does not lead to creation of a new standard.

To import a standard

  1. Go to Manage > Standards.

  2. In the tree pane of the Standards view, select the folder to which you want to import the standard.

  3. Do either of the following:

    • On the Tasks menu, select Import Standard.

    • On the taskbar, click Import Standard.

  4. In the Import Standard dialog box, in the File Path box, type or browse to the standard file that you want to import.

    The Container Folder displays the folder to which the standard is to be imported.

  5. Click OK.

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