Configuring notifications

You configure the email notifications from the Manage > Entitlements > Browse Notification Events view.


The notifications are sent to the data owner email addresses that are specified as tokens in the email configuration. The token for the email address reads the email address from the User Management view. Ensure that the User Management view reflects the updated email address of the user to whom the notification should be sent.

To configure notifications

  1. Go to Manage > Entitlements > Browse Notification Events.

  2. Right-click the notification event that you want to configure and click Edit Notification.

  3. In the Edit Notification Events dialog box, in the Send notification option, do one of the following:

    • Immediately

      Sends the notification immediately after the daily approval job runs on the event date.

      For example, if the approval period for a control point starts today at 12 PM, the notification is sent immediately when the daily approval job runs after 12 PM. In this case, if another nine control points belong to the same review cycle, then separate notification is sent for each control point for the same event.

      See Application Configuration - Entitlements.

    • After consolidation

      Consolidates the notifications of all the control points that belong to the same review cycle.

      For example, if the approval period for ten control points that belong to the same review cycle starts today at 12 PM a consolidated notification is sent within an hour after the daily approval job runs.

  4. Select Disable notification for this event if you want to disable the notification for this event.

  5. In the Send reminder notification # days before event date option, select the number of days. The reminder notification is sent before the specified number of days of the event date.

  6. Create a notification text with the tokens.

    See About notification tokens.

  7. To preview the notification, click Preview and then click OK.