Configuring the automatic entitlements import

You configure the automatic entitlements import to get the latest entitlements of the control points on daily basis.

The automatic entitlement import job imports the entitlements for the control points that are in the Entitlement Import Required state.

Consider the following case:


In case of importing the entitlements for ESM Agents, it is recommended that you customize the templates to limit the entitlement import only for specific objects. The entitlement import for ESM Agents may generate a large amount of data unless you restrict it to a specific scope. The results are stored in the production database (CSM_DB) which may lead to the increase in the size of the database.

See About entitlements import.

To configure the automatic entitlements import

  1. Go to System Management > General Settings > Entitlements Global Settings.

  2. Check Automatically import entitlements.

  3. In the Automatic import job run time, specify the time when you want the daily entitlement job to run.

More Information

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