Creating a custom asset type- Printer

Let us create a custom asset type, Printer that is based on the custom platform, Devices and the custom entity, Printer that you created in

To create a Windows Service asset type

  1. Go to Settings > Schema Manager.

  2. Select Add new asset type.

  3. In the Specify Asset Type Details panel of the Create New Asset Type wizard, type Printer in the Name field and in the Display name field and click Next.

  4. In the Select Platform and Primary Entity panel, do the following:

    • From the Platform drop-down list, select Devices.

    • From the Primary entity drop-down list, select Printer and click Next.

  5. In the Specify Fields panel, add the following fields from the Available fields list to the Selected fields list and click Next.

    • Type of the printer

    • Is double sided?

  6. In the Customize Field Attributes panel, mark the field Type of the printer as Mandatory and the field Is double sided? as Optional

    Select Is field part of job for both the fields and click Next.

    See About the primary, mandatory, and optional fields.

  7. In the Add External Fields panel, click Add.

  8. In the Add New Field dialog box, type Location and select String as the data type.

  9. In the Specify Asset Name Fields, select Name of the printer from the Available fields list and add it to the Selected fields list.

    Click Next.

  10. In the Summary panel, review the selections that you made for the custom asset type and click Finish.

  11. Close the Control Compliance Suite Console and restart the Symantec Application Service.

  12. Launch the Control Compliance Suite Console and go to Manage > Assets > Asset System.

    In the table pane, from the Display drop-down list, view the Printer as the new asset type.

Now you have the new asset type, Printer that is based on the new platform, Custom and the new entity Printer. You can now use the CSV data collector to import the assets for the asset type, Printer.

To import the data for the Printer fields, create a CSV file with the following format:


After you create a CSV file, share the file, and specify the share path in the CSV settings, you can perform an asset import for the new fields.

To learn the procedure to import the assets for the asset type, printer click on the following link:

See Importing the specific and common fields for custom asset using the CSV data collector.

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