About separators in name fields

You use the separators to set the format to display the asset name on the Control Compliance Suite console.

For the assets that belong to the predefined asset types, the default format to display the asset name is as follows:

domain name\machine name\file name with full path
For example, CMCT\2k3-105-133\c:\boot.ini

The backslash mark (\) is a separator that is used to display the asset name. The domain name, the machine name, and the file name are the name fields that are used to form the asset name.

When you create a custom asset type, you can use one or more available asset name fields and use a separator from the given list. The asset name for the custom asset type that you create is displayed in the format that you specify.

Consider the following selections:



Primary entity


Asset name fields

Database name, Host name (node), and Server name (instance)



In case of the selections that are specified, the asset name format should be as follows:

Database name#Host name(node)#Server name(instance)

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