Creating an external field to add to the asset type

Control Compliance Suite gives you a flexibility to create external fields that have no reference to the entity schema. The data for the external fields cannot be imported from the data collectors. You can manually specify values for the external fields from the details pane or use the pre rules to set the value.

To create an external field to add to the asset type

  1. From the Add External Fields panel in the Create New Asset Type wizard, click Add.

  2. In the Add New Field dialog box, type the name of the new field in the Field name box.

  3. Type the display name and the description for the field.

  4. Select the type of the field from the following options:

    • String

    • Integer

    • Boolean

    • DateTime

  5. Check Allow editing of field to mark the field as editable.

  6. Check Is case sensitive to mark the field as case sensitive.

  7. Check Is array to mark the field as an array.

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