Extending an existing asset type

Control Compliance Suite lets you extend the existing asset types by modification of the default fields and addition of the optional fields to the asset types.

To extend an existing asset type

  1. Go to Settings > Schema Manager.

  2. Select Extend existing asset type.

  3. In the Select Asset Type panel, select an asset type that you want to extend and click Next.

    The primary, mandatory, and optional fields for the selected asset type are displayed.

  4. In the Select Optional Fields panel, select the fields from the Available fields list and add the fields in the Selected fields list with the Add icon.

  5. Select Include referenced entities if you want to add the fields for the referenced entities and click Next.

    If you select this option, the referenced entities appear in the Entity drop-down list. You can then select a referenced entity and add the fields for the referenced entities.

    See About referenced entity fields.

  6. In the Customize Field Attributes panel, you can choose to include the fields in the data collection job and mark them editable.

    When you extend an existing asset type, you can only add the optional fields. The optional fields are not required for data collection. You can explicitly mark the field to include in the data collection job.

    Click Next.

  7. In the Add External Fields panel, click Add to add an external field.

    See Creating an external field to add to the asset type.

  8. In the Summary panel, review the selections that you made for the custom asset type and click Finish.

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