Creating a new asset type

Control Compliance Suite lets you create a custom asset type that you can use for importing assets.

The creation of a new asset type involves the following steps:

To create a new asset type

  1. Go to Settings > Schema Manager.

  2. Select Add new asset type.

  3. In the Specify Asset Type Details panel, do the following:

    • Type the name of the asset type that you want to create in the Name field.

      The asset type name should not include spaces and should not exceed 10 characters.

    • Type the display name and the description for the asset type in the Display name and Description fields and click Next.

  4. In the Select Platform and Primary Entity panel, do the following:

    • From the Platform drop-down list, select a platform for which you want to create an asset type.

      The list of platforms includes the predefined platforms and any custom platform that you have already created.

    • From the Primary entity drop-down list, select a primary entity for the selected platform and click Next.

      See About the platform and the primary entities.

  5. In the Specify Fields panel, select the fields from the Available fields list and add the fields in the Selected fields list with the Add icon.

    By default, the primary fields for the primary entity are listed in the Available fields list.

  6. Select Include referenced entities if you want to add the fields for the referenced entities and click Next.

    If you select this option, the referenced entities appear in the Entity drop-down list. You can then select a referenced entity and add the fields for the referenced entities.

    See About referenced entity fields.

  7. In the Customize Field Attributes panel, you can mark the fields as mandatory or optional and click Next.

    You mark the fields as mandatory or optional that are not primary fields. You can also specify if the field is a part of the asset import and if the field is editable.

    See About the primary, mandatory, and optional fields.

  8. In the Add External Fields panel, click Add to add an external field.

    See Creating an external field to add to the asset type.

  9. In the Specify Asset Name Fields, select the fields from the Available fields list. Use the Add icon to add to add the fields to the Selected fields list.

    Click Next.

    You can use the separators to add multiple asset name fields and to specify the relation among the multiple fields.

    See About separators in name fields.

  10. In the Summary panel, review the selections that you made for the custom asset type and click Finish.

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