Working with custom asset types

Control Compliance Suite lets you create custom asset types from the custom platforms and custom entities that you can create from the Schema Manager view.

See About the entity schema .

You can import the assets from the custom asset types in the same way as you import the assets from the predefined or probable asset types.

Asset types are based on the entities of the platform. In Control Compliance Suite, a platform is defined as the category to which a group of entities belong. A group of fields that define the common functions of the network element form an entity.

See About platforms.

See About entities.

When you create your own platform and defined fields for the platform to create an entity, you can define an asset type also. The custom asset type imports the data of the fields that are defined in the custom entity.

You can create the custom asset types from the Schema Manager view. Go to Settings > Schema Manager > Add new asset type to get started with the creation of a custom asset type.

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