Creating a static asset group

You create a static asset group for the assets that do not undergo frequent updates. The asset count in the static asset group remains constant unless you edit the group and manually add more assets to the group.


You can add assets to the asset group only from the folder that contains the asset group or from the folders in the same hierarchy.

Consider the following example:

To create a static asset group

  1. In the task bar, from the Asset Group Tasks, select Create Asset Group.

  2. In the Specify Asset Group Details panel, specify the following:

    • Name of the asset group

    • Description of the asset group

    • Folder path from which to include the assets

  3. Select Static group in the Asset Group Type section.

  4. Click Next.

  5. In the Select Asset Type panel, select the asset type for which you want to create an asset group and click Next.

  6. In the Select Assets panel, navigate to the folder in the asset system hierarchy, select the assets that you want to add to the asset group and click Add.

    This is an optional step.

  7. Review the configuration information in the Summary panel and click Finish.

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