Asset being imported

The term 'assets being imported' is used with reference to the creation of reconciliation rules. The reconciliation rules are applied on the assets being imported.

An asset being imported is a potential asset, which is yet not a part of the asset system. It is the asset that is collected from the data collector but can only be called the asset when it passes through the reconciliation rules. After the reconciliation rules are applied, the asset to be imported becomes an asset.

For example, consider that you want to add Windows Machines from a specific site as assets to the asset system.

Your rule statement reads as follows:

If an asset being imported does not exist in the asset system

THEN Add an asset being imported to the specified folder

In this case, the Windows Machines remain the 'asset being imported' until the rule verifies that the computers are not present in the asset system and adds those into the asset system. The Windows Machines that are already present in the system are not added to the asset system and do not become assets.