Predefined asset types

Control Compliance Suite lets you collect the asset data in the form of categories that are specific to the supported platforms. Control Compliance Suite supports the data collection, analysis, and reporting on the ESM, Windows, UNIX, Oracle, and SQL platforms.

To gather more specific data for the purpose of monitoring, Control Compliance Suite lets you select the asset types that belong to the supported platforms.

Predefined asset types are based on the entities of the predefined platforms.

See Predefined platforms.

In Control Compliance Suite, a platform is defined to be the category to which a group of entities belong.

See About platforms.

A group of fields that define the common functions of the network element form an entity.

See About entities.

Each asset type has some specific primary, mandatory, and optional fields.

The predefined asset types that are associated with the predefined platforms are as follows:

Table: Predefined asset types


Predefined asset type

Enterprise Security Manger Platform

Oracle Platform

SQL Platform

UNIX Platform

Windows Platform

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