Updating Control Compliance Suite

Symantec releases system patches and updates for the Control Compliance Suite (CCS) components, which are downloaded using LiveUpdate. LiveUpdate is a core Symantec technology that is used to simplify maintenance and updates of Symantec software after deployment.

Symantec hosts an online database of all possible product updates. The LiveUpdate client contacts the Symantec LiveUpdate Server and submits a list of products that are currently installed on the LiveUpdate client. The LiveUpdate server returns a list of appropriate updates.

Various LiveUpdate client types are available, but Control Compliance Suite uses only the Windows LiveUpdate Client. In CCS, the LiveUpdate client is automatically installed on the computer on which the CCS Application Server component and the Data Processing Service are installed.

The LiveUpdate client also requires the LiveUpdate Administrator (LUA) for downloading the patches. You can install the LUA on any computer where Internet access is available, including a computer that runs the LiveUpdate client. The LUA is equipped with a distribution mechanism to distribute the updates to a distribution area. The LiveUpdate client is responsible for picking up the updates from the distribution area for the components that are installed on the LiveUpdate client computer. All computers that host a LiveUpdate client must be configured with a host file that points to the LUA distribution area.

See About the host file for Windows LiveUpdate clients.

The administrator needs to decide whether content or system updates are required for the installed components and to configure the LUA appropriately.

The following two types of updates are available for the CCS components:

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