Configuring the Application Server database connection settings

The Application Server uses the production database to store the queried data.

You can modify the SQL Server settings of the production database that is initially configured in the Install wizard.

Use the settings to set up a new server. The data is not automatically migrated to the new database.

To configure the application server settings

  1. Go to Settings > Secure Configuration > AppServer Database Connection.

  2. Provide the following information:

    SQL Server

    Type the computer name that hosts the SQL Server.

    Database name

    Type the name of the database.

    By default, the existing database name is displayed in the text box.

    Instance name

    Type the SQL Server instance name if the SQL Server database is not the default instance.

    Port number

    Type the port number of the computer that hosts the SQL Server. By default, CCS Application Server connects through the port, 1433 of the SQL Server computer.

    Use SSL

    Check this option if your computer that hosts the SQL Server is SSL enabled for communication.

    Use Windows NT Integrated Security

    Select this option if you have installed the SQL Server in the Windows NT user context.

    Use a SQL user name and password

    Select this option if you have installed the SQL Server in a different user context.

    You must specify the authentication details of the user in the respective text boxes.

    You cannot specify the following special characters for the User name and the Password fields:

    • Semi colon (;)

    • Double quotes (")

  3. Click Update to save.