Adding licenses on the Directory Server

When you add a license you enable an installed feature. You can use the Symantec.CSM.LicenseUtil.exe utility hosted on the Control Compliance Suite Directory Server to add license files. The tool imports a Symantec License File (.slf) and activates the software.

The tool is available on the Directory Server host at <install directory>\CCS\Reporting and Analytics\Directory Support Service\Symantec.CSM.LicenseUtil.exe.

To add a license on the Directory Server

  1. On the Directory Server host, open the Symantec.CSM.LicenseUtil.exe tool.

  2. In the Licensing dialog, click Add Licenses.

  3. Locate and open the license file, then select the license or licenses to add and click Open, or double-click a license.

  4. In the Licensing dialog, click Done to close the utility.