Configuring the entitlements settings

Configuring the entitlements settings is a system-wide setting that applies to all Control Compliance Suite users.

See About entitlements.

To configure the entitlements settings

  1. Go to Settings > General.

  2. In the General view, on the left panel, click Application Configuration > Entitlements.

  3. On the right panel, provide the following information:

    Multi select approval tasks

    Select the check box to allow data owners to change and approve multiple control points at the same time.

    Daily Approval Job run time

    Select the time to schedule the entitlements approval job. The approval job starts and ends the review cycles.

    Automatically Import Entitlements

    Select the check box if you want the system to automatically import the entitlements at a scheduled time.

    Automatic Import Job Runtime

    If you have selected to automatically import entitlements, select the time to schedule the job.

    Connection timeout interval

    Select the database timeout interval. The database terminates the session when it reaches the specified time.

    Revert Import Pending Control Point Status

    Due to system failure the status of some control points are left in the Entitlement Import Pending status.

    Select this option to change the status of the control points with status Entitlement Import Pending to Entitlement Import Required.