Recommended Data Processing Service settings for ESM data collector

Symantec recommends that you change the settings of the DPS that is configured for ESM data collection. You can configure the DPS settings from the computer where the Data Processing Server service is installed.

To change the Data Processing Service settings

  1. Open the DPS configuration file from following location:

    <Install Directory>\Symantec\CCS\Reporting and Analytics\DPS\Symantec.CSM.DPS.exe.config

  2. Add the keys in the <appSettings> section of the configuration file.

    You can restrict the maximum number of concurrent jobs that the DPS handles to four when you specify the values that are mentioned in Table: Keys for appSettings and their description

  3. Restart the DPS Service.

Table: Keys for appSettings and their description

Key to add in <appSettings>


<add key="WPM_MinimumWorkerProcesses" value="1">

Configures the DPS to have at least one worker process at any given point of time.

<add key="WPM_MaximumWorkerProcesses" value="2">

Configures the DPS to create maximum of two concurrent worker processes for processing the data collection job.

<add key="WPM_MaximumJobsWorkerProcess" value="1">

Configures the DPS to assign maximum of one job to a single worker process.

The configuration of the DPS for the ESM data collector with other roles such as evaluation or reporting may affect the data collection performance. Symantec recommends that you install a DPS only with the DPS Collection role for the ESM data collector.