Thread settings for ESM data collector

A thread is a connection that an ESM data collector creates to communicate with an ESM manager to fetch data. The ESM data collector can communicate with multiple ESM managers in parallel. The thread settings let you define how many ESM managers the ESM data collector can contact in parallel.

You can configure the following parameters for the ESM thread settings:

Thread count

Specify the number of ESM managers that the ESM data collector can communicate in parallel.

The default value is 5.

Thread Timeout Seconds

The ESM data collector terminates a thread that continues to be idle for longer than the specified time. Specify the time in seconds after which the ESM data collector should terminate an idle thread.

The default value is 600 seconds.


The Thread Timeout Seconds setting impacts data collection only when the ESM data collector queries more than one manager in a data collection request.

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